XYO Network – The Future Of The Blockchain Platform

XYO - The Future of The Blockchain


Welcome To The CryptoCurrency Rules:

Cryptocurrency is the most popular investment assets in today’s market. Off course we are talking about the digital market and digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is going through an amazing roller coaster ride throughout the 2017-2018 sessions and hopefully, it will be going like that as a bumpy ride of fun and profit. Day in and day out different ICO’s are entering the digital market and influencing the assets. Investors are not going to buy any asset without a proper analyzing and investigation. Because everybody wants to win in this competitive world.


What is XYO Network:


XYO - The future of blockchain


Here is the wind of change, here is the relaxation tonic for the investors. The world’s first and most unique location-based decentralize oracle with the XYO Network ICO is in the digital market. Nowadays, smart and digital contracts are increasingly being executed contracts automatically more than manually through transparently & fruitlessly. This is clearly indicating that the lawyers, intermediary, and escrows are no longer remaining necessary. XYO network is bringing a revolutionary change in the way of smart contract.


Foundation & Development:

Founded in 2012, XYO Network (XY Oracle Network) has been building and developing a location-based network, which is more reliable and secure in the point of view of investors. XYO Network makes it possible for smart contracts to be completed successfully and peacefully through the investor’s side. Introduction of XYO Network is the most interesting and exciting token breakthrough in the history of the blockchain. XYO Network has been developing and gaining footsteps towards an open world of location verification from the successful launching of Bluetooth GPS in 2012! Now XYO Network has over more than 1,000,000 beacons across all over the world.


Whats New:


XYO - The future of the blockchain


In the prime of 2017, XYO Network releases Groundbreaking GPS tracking devices named “XYGPS” which is world’s first hybrid GPS and Bluetooth technology enabled digital device. This unique device is capable of reporting the exact location anywhere in the world where only GPS data is available. Not run to your laptop right now, there is a lot more to come. Take a can of your favorite cool drinks and keep your eyes glued to this content where more of the releases of XYO network is being described as shortly as possible. Do you know any device, which is really capable of operating as an XYO Network node via a firmware update? Here you go, XYO has released the XY4+ device which will allow you to do so. Be cool!


XYO blockchain Based Oracle Network is born by the development of moving the internal XY location network platform to an open blockchain implementation. Via this blockchain “XYO Token” to be used for smart contracts to access the XYO Network. Through this step, investors will have more secure and easier access to their beloved blockchain.


Exciting Web Applications:

XYO Network is launching main network web application named “GAMMA” which will be rolling out all the ICO web applications and enables various tools and functionality for blockchain developers. Besides providing an excellent facility to the blockchain develops XYO release XY sticker which will be attached to the packages of eCommerce retailers to track every single of them. So the security of export and importers will remain as intact as a rock. All thanks to XYO Network.


Roadmap & Team Table:

XYO network is providing a brief introduction of their teams to convincing more investors and really hoped to aim their targeted position in the market. They are also exposing very clearly their roadmap and ICO progression in order to stay crystal and clear.


XYO - The future of the blockchain


XYO Token sale/ICO: 

XYO ICO is running from the 20th March and it will end after 48 Hours Later! The ICO Countdown is going to end within two days! As you see what is the XYO Network and why we should appreciate this Project. So, I would Recommend you to join in XYO Token sale and Book your seat for the future. Here are ICO Details for your help,

  • Token Symbol: XYO
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • 1 ETH = 97,721.33 XYO
  • Tokensale Start Date: 20 March
  • Tokensale End Date: 20 May
  • XYO Sold Till Date: 1,643,829,159.27 XYO
  • All Unsold Token Will be Burned

XYO - The future of the blockchain


To Join or More Details about this Project, Have a look here,


Official XYO Website: https://xyo.network/

Whitepaper Link: https://docs.xyo.network/XYO-White-Paper.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3040825.0

Telegram Live Chat Grouphttps://t.me/xyonetwork

Twitter Account URL: https://twitter.com/XYOracleNetwork

XYO Blog: https://medium.com/@XYOracleNetwork

Why XYO ICO  Going To Be Successful:

How well is the project going until now? Here comes the bomb! Already 39.3% of the public token has been sold out within a very short period. We believe that the current location technologies are lacking necessary protection and requirement to make us feel safe and secure. In that order, XYO Network has developed a series of unique devices and technologies to make us more secure and safer throughout the business each and every day.


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