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Today, people are so interested in cryptocurrencies. Have you known about cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies refer to the use of token for investing your money. It means when you want to invest, you just need to buy a token and use it for investment.

Cryptocurrency is the most popular investment assets in today’s market. Of course, we are talking about the digital market and digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is going through an amazing roller coaster ride throughout the 2017-2018 sessions and hopefully, it will be going like that as a bumpy ride of fun and profit. Day in and day out different ICO’s are entering the digital market and influencing the assets. Investors are not going to buy any asset without a proper analyzing and investigation. Because everybody wants to win in this competitive world. Today I will write a complete review of GIGTRICKS. So let us start talking about GIGTRICKS.

What is GigTricks: 

GigTricks AN INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM FOR FREELANCE ECONOMY. For entrepreneurs of small and big enterprises as well as for startups, freelancers show promise to business owners as they are flexible, master in their field of expertise, can be hired to do short-term projects and cost less as compared to full-time employees. Any businessman, who does not want to set up an office space or start conventional workforce can opt for the rapidly increasing freelance community and leverage from it.

Main Information :
  • TOKEN NAME                                        ———-                               GIGBIT TOKEN
  • TOKEN ABBREVIATION                      ———-                               GBTC
  • TOKEN TYPE                                          ———-                               ERC20 TOKEN
  • MAX SUPPLY                                          ———-                               1,000,000,000
  • MINIMUM GOAL                                    ———-                               2.5 MILLION USD
  • HARDCAP                                                ———-                               35 MILLION USD
  • TOKEN VALUE                                        ———-                               0.24800 USD
  • UNSOLD TOKENS                                   ———-                               WILL BE DESTROYED
  • TOKEN DISTRIBUTION                          ———-                               IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE
  • KEY BENEFITS                                        ———-                                TRADABLE UTILITY TOKENS
Affiliate program:

Refer friends. Earn 5% on whatever they contribute. If you refer your friends then you get total 5% whatever they make a deposit in Gigtricks. If your friends purchase 7,500 GBTC tokens during the Crowdsale for 1 ETH in total. In 15 days from the end of the Crowdsale, they will send you 0.05 ETH or 375 GBTC- it’s up to you! If you want to get referral bonus in eth then they will send you payment in eth but if you chose to get payment in GBTC  then they will send you referral bonus in GBTC. Sign up  HERE to get referral link now.

Gigtricks Executive Team:

Gigtricks Roadmap:

Gigtricks ico timeline & bonus scale:


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Gibraltar Office
28 Irish Town, Gibraltar

Dubai Office
Office 934 DMCC Business Centre
PO Box 340505, JLT Dubai, UAE

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