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Welcome To The Crypto World:

Today, people are so interested in cryptocurrencies. Have you known about cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies refer to the use of token for investing your money. It means when you want to invest, you just need to buy a token and use it for investment.

Cryptocurrency is the most popular investment assets in today’s market. Of course, we are talking about the digital market and digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is going through an amazing roller coaster ride throughout the 2017-2018 sessions and hopefully, it will be going like that as a bumpy ride of fun and profit. Day in and day out different ICO’s are entering the digital market and influencing the assets. Investors are not going to buy any asset without a proper analyzing and investigation. Because everybody wants to win in this competitive world. Today I will write a complete review of Gemstra . So let us start talking about Gemstra. 

What is Gemstra: 

Gemstra is a  blockchain infrastructure that liberates social selling – the biggest gig economy of tomorrow. They launched the first social selling marketplace (BOUTIQUES Marketplace) in July 2017 to connect retail brands to social selling, giving sellers freedom to choose products and brands they want to represent. In less than 10 months, BOUTIQUES added 8 brands, 3000 sellers, and was on track to over $5 Million in annualized sales volume.

Astra Platform:

The Astra Platform is a technological infrastructure for retailers and brands to integrate with and build a social selling channel. Their solution democratizes the model to promote equity between sellers, retailers, and brands. Astra liberates social selling by leveraging blockchain to store data, process transactions, and decentralize control.

Gemstra Token:

The default token that 250+ million social sellers will use to maintain freedom, earn more value, and grow their equity in the industry. Now you want to buy gemstra token then visit their website & sign up HERE .

Token sale: 

They didn’t mention on their website/ann thread how much token is sold out.  I don’t know but if you want to know then you must contact them through their telegram group or send them a personal message. I will give you all link in the last section. Now let us check the main information about the token sale.

Private Sale         ———       (Sept 1 – 30)

Token Distribution ———  (Dec 10)

Soft Cap $3M  | Hard Cap $18M


  •  Public sale contingent upon the timing of prior rounds.
  • Presale and public rounds may be moved depending on live utility date. Any tokens sold in public sale will have payment (Checkout) and earning (Commission) utility prior to purchase.

Presale Round 1 (Oct 1 – 15)     ————–      25% Bonus

Presale Round 2 (Oct 16 – 30)   ————-       15% Bonus

Public Sale (Nov 1 – 30)           ————–        No Bonus

Team Member:

A group of serial entrepreneurs and operators with a passion to distribute value to real people. Gemstra was formed by seasoned operators with over 75 years of collective experience in the consumer industry. Several of the founding team share an established history working together in multiple consumer verticals like manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail – with a focus on e-commerce and social selling. Prior to Gemstra, the team launched, scaled, and sold two hyper-growth consumer internet companies.

Gemstra has total 16 members on their team 6 internal & 8 external. If you want to see them then go   THERE 
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