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egretia html5 blockchain engine platform



Egretia is the first HTML5 blockchain stage. That has revolutionized many sectors, including HTML5 technologies and blockchain game development toolset. Now it will also do so with H5 game developers. Play Table a blockchain-based tablet demonstrates this. That will combine the digital world with the physical one. Beyond an HTML5 game, the workflow comes to revolutionize the entertainment sector. Egretia integrates Egret’s workflow into blockchain level with digital programs. All HTML5 games can record and put on the board to make the experience more interactive.


Technical Aspects:

Egretia combined with H5 technology for the development of blockchain game. Players can incorporate their own toys, pieces, and cards using radio frequency identification tags. That will identify each object in a unique way. All of them can go up in level and have personalized features that the user can access at any time. You can exchange the pieces with other players safely. Egretia helps for the related blockchain solutions and services for HTML5 games players. Egretia provides many supports for the advertising platform, channels and advertisers also content providers to make a trusted trading platform. Specifically, Egretia will make game distribution platform, communications & storage cloud platform, game distribution platform. Its smart contracts network will also be available aimed at video game publisher’s toy manufacturers and passionate players.

egretia html5 blokchain engine platform

The blockchain’s mutual trust system will be able to avoid some traps of your friend’s players. Since when registering the information and plays in the blockchain, the disputes for suspicious movements are eliminated. The verification rules are simple in each game. Either of the pieces or of the game itself will be stored in the blockchain without the possibility of being altered. The H5 technology is also allowing access to it from other devices or in the house of a friend using a digital identity.


HTML5 blockchain engine has changed the financial market landscape by giving full control of capital movements to its users. This new technology appeared in hand with cryptocurrencies are evolving at such a speed. All content publishers and developers can utilize Egreten to promote on the Egretia. Egreten as a reward is being introduced in all areas of our life. The digital economy based on the internet. We could only think of the blockchain technology as a standard for the changes. That has occurred due to the last economic transformation.


Why should you start the Egretia project?

For its advance, H5 games have created a better performance on the mobile platform. By Egretia project users can enjoy faster international transactions service. It also reduces the time. With this new technology, transactions can be made at any time of the day. That can be reviewed instantly to the two banks can communicate in real time. Therefore, you can know the exact amount of the currency.


Why do we need to start Egretia?

Blockchain technology has not only modified the financial system. It is transforming the foundations of other sectors of the economy such as supplies. Egretia helps to validate the life from the time it leaves the mine to its arrival at the store. It is also working on the development of a technology. That allows it to track more accurately its international shipments in order to save 20% of the costs.

The Egretia announcement is one of the first gaming platforms using blockchain technology was made by the developer company. This HTML5 workflow development combines the general essence of table games and physical pieces with blockchain. Its arrival to the public is scheduled for the end of this year. There is already a list for those who want to order it from now on. The bank has always wanted to be at the head of the technological revolution and that is why they have never hesitated to apply technology to their services. The blockchain technology has challenged and has stood up to the banking system, as we have known it to this day.


The Egretia ICO: 


Egretia ICO


The egretia is a very well project as you read above. They have a very unique and great work plan and future roadmap. Egretia is lunching Their Initial Coin Offer aka ICO! About 10 days are left to begin Egretia ICO! You will be a wonder that Egretia ICO can be successful in a day! So, If you are looking for a good ICO to invest then Egretia ICO is here!

Have a look at ICO details,

  • Public Sale KYC/AML Required
  • Public Period: May 26, 2018, 8 am CST – May 30, 2018, 8am CST
  • Cap: 10,000 ETH + 6,000,000 CMT(CyberMiles)+ 1,000,000 ABT(Arcblock)
  • Rate: 1ETH=70,000 EGT
  • Min Contributions: 0.1 ETH
  • Max Contributions: 3 ETH
  • No Lockup Period

For More information about This Project, You may follow these platforms. The links are given below,


Egretia Website:

Official ANN Thread: Click Here

Whitepaper (English): Click Here

Join Telegram Chat Group: Egretia Discussion Group

Twitter Profile:

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Finally, users can use true token Egreten to buy games items. Egreten is a digital wallet that based on user’s unique token passport. The proper developers help to build the ecological environment. Egretia has a certain goal to make a complete workflow environment. Egretia trends to make a strong economic field of the entire game industry.

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