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Today, people are so interested in crypto currencies. Have you known about crypto currencies? Crypto currencies refer to the use of token for investing your money. It means when you want to invest, you just need to buy token, and use it for investment. When you join crypto currencies, you may get some reward points. But, some people ignore reward points because they may not know about the value of their reward point. Actually, reward point can be exchanged, even the value is so high. When you have reward point and want to exchange it, you have to know about BEAT token. What is BEAT token? Read this information until finish.


 BEAT is exactly  a state-of-the-art blockchain platform that safekeeps your data and allows you to share it with sports sponsors, talent scouts, doctors, insurance companies and many more to unlock the vast potential hidden in your health and fitness data – one heartbeat at a time.


They have Exceptional team of 140 employees, 40 rockstar developers, experienced management team and well connected advisors located in the heart of Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city. Experienced team member proof that BEAT TOKEN  is a great project. All investor will be profited after end of ICO.

Now i will tell you how to buy BEAT Token with imToken ………..

Step 1: Open your ETH asset and click Send to transfer ETH to another address.


 You should see the following screen:

Enter the address of BEAT’s smart contract:
Receiver’s Address: 0xc2b26fd43667ddb770689b13f95e4421080b7206
Amount: The amount of ETH you wish to invest
Custom Gas Price: 40
Custom Gas: 100000

Click Next and confirm the transaction.

Step 2: Return to imToken’s home screen.

After your transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain, BEAT Token will be listed as a new currency. then after end of ico beat token will be listed in exchange then you will able to trade   beat token & you will make  huge profit.
Now i will teach you how to transfer beat token in your wallet

o transfer BEAT Tokens to your wallet, you have to register your receiving wallet address in your account. Please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Enter your wallet address in your account
Go to your account on and enter the wallet address where you want to receive your BEAT Tokens. Click on “SUBMIT”.

Please make sure that you enter your correct wallet address. It cannot be changed after you entered it. 

After clicking on “SUBMIT” you will receive a confirmation dialog:

Step 2: Confirm your entered wallet address
Check your mails and enter the received confirmation code below your wallet address. Click on “SUBMIT”.

After clicking on “SUBMIT” you will receive a confirmation dialog:

Step 3: Request a payout
After you successfully confirmed your receiver wallet address, you are able to request a payout. Just click on “REQUEST PAYOUT” to receive all confirmed BEAT Tokens of your account in your wallet.

After clicking on “REQUEST PAYOUT” you will receive a confirmation dialog:

Your confirmed BEAT transaction will change from “CONFIRMED” to “REQUESTED_PAYOUT”:

It will take up to 2 working days (Monday through Friday) until the BEAT Tokens will be transferred to your wallet address.


website link:

whitepaper link:

Contact with them: 

MySports GmbH
Schauenburgerstraße 6
D-20095 Hamburg
[email protected]


That was a complete review  about beat token. Now decide you will invest in beat token or not.

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