Localcoinswap Crowdsale

Localcoinswap – The Community Owned Peer to Peer Exchange! ICO is Live!

  What Is LocalCoinSwap? :    The LocalCoinSwap (LCS) is a project that enhances what is best in the web market. Since it is, a decentralized marketing domain allows direct negotiations between buyers and sellers in any cryptocurrency. LocalCoinSwap accepts any kind of payment with inclusion the options available on the market. A great facility […]

xyo network

XYO Network – The Future Of The Blockchain Platform

  Welcome To The CryptoCurrency Rules: Cryptocurrency is the most popular investment assets in today’s market. Off course we are talking about the digital market and digital assets. The cryptocurrency market is going through an amazing roller coaster ride throughout the 2017-2018 sessions and hopefully, it will be going like that as a bumpy ride […]

Egretia – The World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Based Engine & Platform

  Egretia Egretia is the first HTML5 blockchain stage. That has revolutionized many sectors, including HTML5 technologies and blockchain game development toolset. Now it will also do so with H5 game developers. Play Table a blockchain-based tablet demonstrates this. That will combine the digital world with the physical one. Beyond an HTML5 game, the workflow […]

the deal coin

The Deal Coin – The Future of Peer to Peer Lending ICO

Introduction   Deal Coin solution developed on combining blockchain skill with real-world financial Network. It is expected that during the 2016-2020 period the global P2P loan market will grow at a compound annual with a standard rate. Deal Coin solution aim is to become a real financial platform in the marketplace. Loans between individuals from […]