5 Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Crypto in the OTC Market

The bitcoin over-the-counter (OTC) trading market has grown substantially in the past 18 months as more high net worth individuals and institutional investors have been entering the digital asset investment space. In fact, most high volume bitcoin trades take place in the OTC market and not on exchanges. In this brief guide, you will discover the five biggest […]

Gemstra – The Future Of Social Selling

Welcome To The Crypto World: Today, people are so interested in cryptocurrencies. Have you known about cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies refer to the use of token for investing your money. It means when you want to invest, you just need to buy a token and use it for investment. Cryptocurrency is the most popular investment assets in […]

Ethereum Is Getting Its First Top-Level Domain Name

A new partnership will soon enable ethereum users to attach their addresses to a top-level internet domain name, making it easier to remember the identifiers associated with their assets, wallets and services. The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which allows ethereum users to replace long addresses with “human readable names” attached to a .eth domain, has […]

Coinbase Begins British Pound Support for UK Bitcoin Customers

  Users at Coinbase will now be able to deposit and withdraw funds in British Pound, the San Francisco company announced on Wednesday. Until now, Coinbase UK users had to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into Euro and then into pound sterling via international transfers. The process owed costly intermediaries; for instance, SEPA fees that could go as […]

Bitcoin Cash Celebrates First Anniversary

The much-vaunted cryptocurrency which spun-off from Bitcoin in a hard fork is celebrating its first anniversary today. Bitcoin cash started its journey on 1st August and shot up to the $800 level in a matter of minutes on that day. Currently, its value less than its starting price with a price of around $765 on Binance. “The […]